New Deal Vallely Mammoth Deck SP 9.5" Purple

Vallely Mammoth Deck SP 9.5" Purple

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The Mammoth 9.5" Skateboard Deck is the Mike valley pro model from New Deal Skateboards. Originally released in the 1990's, the Mammoth is back for the New Deal 30th Anniversary. When the older shaped decks were changing and newer styles were being invented. This was a street deck that could now be considered as a bowl shaped deck. The wheelbases back then were short allowing for a very tight turning ride and opening so many tricks we see today! A true OG deck reissue and graphic that was screen printed as it was back then.

  • Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction
  • Mellow Concave
  • Mike V Pro Model
  • Art by Greg Higgins
  • Screen Printed